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An employment lawyer is responsible for managing legal conflicts between employees and employers. They handle issues ranging from sexual harassment to wrongful termination.

Whether you’re an executive-level manager or junior employee, getting an employment lawyer on board is crucial if you’re involved in cases regarding contract violation or workplace discrimination. Want more clarity on when to hire an employment lawyer? Find out below.

If You’re an Employer

An experienced law attorney can represent you in a wide range of situations. Usually, their job is to educate an organization’s management on state and national labor laws and regulations. Their tasks also involve ensuring that the workforce is well aware of these laws and complies with them. As an employer, you’ll need an employment lawyer if:

  • You’re seeking representation for a bargaining negotiation
  • Your staff member has filed a discrimination or harassment case against you
  • You plan to lay off or fire some employees, change the pension plan, or stop giving them their salary benefits.

A reliable and experienced employment lawyer can also help you deal with legal issues that aren’t related to employer-employee disputes.

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If You’re an Employee

There are many instances where employers may participate in some unlawful practices that can adversely impact an employee and their employment privileges. As an employee, you must hire an employment attorney if:

  • Your boss has harassed or discriminated against you
  • You were illegally terminated or laid off from your job.
  • You were forced to sign a contract that waived your employment privileges.
  • Your manager violated any national or state laws created for your protection.
  • You don’t get the salary and benefits stated in your contract.

If you’re facing the issues mentioned above, don’t hold back. Contact an employment attorney right away. Failure to take prompt action can stop you from proving that your employer committed illegal actions.

Employment Lawyers in Towson, Maryland

Luchansky Law’s team of dedicated advocates is cognizant of the challenges employees and employers face during workplace disputes. Therefore, they make the process a breeze for their clients by pursuing the best results and protecting their rights. If you’re faced with workplace harassment, wrongful termination, compliance and policy review, unemployment appeals, or any other related issue, contact Luchansky Law for the best of the best employment law attorney in Maryland

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