Security Clearances

For many government workers, including military personnel and employees of government contractors, obtaining and maintaining a security clearance is necessary for continued employment.  For employees in these fields, denial or revocation of a security clearance can be a career-altering issue.  If you are facing a denial or revocation, you need experienced counsel to ensure that your appeal has the best chance of success.

At Luchansky Law, we work with employees facing a denial or revocation of their security clearance to appeal the agency determination.  Using our knowledge of the applicable agency guidelines, we will help you compile the necessary facts and information to submit an effective response.  This response is a critical step in persuading the agency reviewing the appeal that your security clearance should not have been denied or should be reinstated.  Beyond the written response, our experienced attorneys will assist with any in-person proceedings, both by helping you prepare for the hearing in advance and aggressively representing your interests at the hearing.

If you have wrongfully been denied a security clearance or are facing a proceeding to revoke your clearance, it is critical that you act quickly.  For assistance, call the attorneys at Luchansky Law or use our online forms today to schedule a consultation.

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