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Compliance & Policy Review

Don't wait for issues to arise. Have the attorneys at Luchansky Law review and evaluate your workplace policies.

Contracts & Litigation

Well crafted and thought out contracts can make all the difference in protecting your business from a host of employee related threats.

Employee Pregnancy

When employees plan or become pregnant, it is important for their employer to undrstand the law and policies that must be in place for everyone's benefit.

Workplace Harassment

Harassment in the workplace can come in many forms and can surprise many business owners. Let Luchansky Law prepare and protect your business.

Unemployment Appeals

Experience counts when dealing with the state of Maryland and unemployment appeals. Let us represent your company in these matters.

Employee Termination

Employee terminations are never easy and they can go wrong fast. Don't let things escalate and let Luchansky Law defend your company when you need.

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