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Maryland employers must be aware of the many laws that are implicated when an employee becomes pregnant.  The laws governing pregnancy discrimination are complex.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable concerning the laws relating to pregnancy discrimination which directly affect our clients’ businesses.  For example, recent changes in Maryland law require employers with fifteen (15) or more employees to provide pregnant employees with a reasonable accommodation that does not cause the company undue hardship.  This standard – which typically is associated with disabilities under the Americans With Disabilities Act – exceeds the legal requirements of federal pregnancy discrimination law.

Luchansky Law provides counsel to Maryland employers in complying with pregnancy discrimination laws and assists in developing proactive strategies to minimize exposure to pregnancy discrimination claims.

Our practice is focused on preventing problems.  We help our clients navigate the maze of pregnancy discrimination laws that impact their business decisions and develop practical solutions that minimize legal risks.

Luchansky Law provides services that help Maryland employers to be proactive, including: training managers and supervisors; advising clients concerning policies and procedures; conducting compliance audits to proactively identify, assess, and correct non-compliant practices; conducting internal investigations; reviewing individual employment decisions; and updating and revising existing employment policies. 

When our client is faced with a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit, administrative complaint or demand letter, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the case and provide a cost-effective approach to achieving the best outcome for our client.

Our firm also conducts management seminars and training sessions on avoiding pregnancy discrimination.  Each presentation is customized to the individual requirements of our clients.  We also prepare helpful materials which provide a practical resource for addressing pregnancy discrimination problems and situations.   

Despite employers’ best efforts to avoid pregnancy discrimination litigation, an employee may file a claim of discrimination.  Our firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients in pregnancy discrimination litigation before federal and state courts and administrative agencies.

If your company’s pregnancy discrimination policies are in need of review, or you are currently involved in pregnancy discrimination litigation, contact the experienced attorneys at Luchansky Law today.

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