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While employees are the lifeblood of a business, there first must be a business to hire those employees.  For most employers, that means registering your business as a corporation, LLC, or partnership in the states where you do business.  Unless your employees are all working remotely, they’ll need offices or other physical locations to work in and equipment or furniture to fill those offices and physical locations.  If you sell products or services, you’ll need to have contracts with customers and suppliers.

Depending on the state where the business is incorporated or where employees are located, there are different filing and insurance requirements, from tax registration to worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance.  If the business is in a regulated industry or profession, there are additional licensing and insurance requirements that are a prerequisite to hiring employees.

At Luchansky Law, we recognize that when we represent employers, we represent all of their interests.  For those clients who are just starting their businesses, we prepare and update operating agreements, articles of incorporation, and partnership documents.  We review and negotiate lease agreements for office space and review and draft contracts for suppliers, customers, and equipment.

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