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Before a business can even have employees, there are initial steps that need to be taken. The business needs to be registered with the state, along with any trade names. Documents detailing the ownership and governance of the business need to be drafted and approved. If the business is going to have a physical presence, office space or a building may need to be approved. If the business is in a regulated industry, the business may need to be registered with a particular state agency. Many of these things need to be done even before the first employee is hired.

Once the business starts operating, there are contracts, contracts, and more contracts. Maintenance contracts, supplier contracts, contracts to provide services, contracts to sell goods to customers, the list goes on and on. For many businesses, the difference between success and failure lies in having contracts that are enforceable, practical, and allow the business to operate effectively and profitably.

At Luchansky Law, we serve not just as employment attorneys, but as trusted advisors to our clients. We work with them to ensure that their businesses are set up correctly from the start. We also work with them as their business grows, drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts to ensure that their unique corporate needs are met.

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