Workplace Harassment

An Employer Obligation

Business owners have many challenges they need to overcome and avoid on a daily basis.  Having employees has become less simple over the years and this aspect of a business brings new and changing responsabilities that should not be avoided.  Employers have a duty to prevent and immediately correct unlawful harassment and it is also in their best interest to do so. Federal and state laws impose obligations on employers to prevent and correct workplace harassment, such as:

If an employer has an established and effective anti-harassment policy and grievance procedure in place, it can mitigate their liability for workplace harassment that is not brought to the employer’s attention.

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Sexual Harassment

Luchansky Law understands that sexual harassment in the workplace is a nightmare for all concerned – it violates the integrity and legal rights of the victim, it undermines the morale of co-workers, and it drains a company of productive resources.  Moreover, when legal claims are filed in connection with such conduct, handling sexual harassment claims is expensive and disruptive to the operations of your business.  Employees involved in the investigation and litigation process are robbed of productive work time and company-wide productivity suffers.

Smart and cost-effective companies minimize the risk of sexual harassment claims by reviewing their workplace policies to make sure they effectively address such conduct, and they train their supervisors to know how to identify such conduct and how to respond to complaints.  Luchansky Law provides counsel to Maryland employers in complying with sexual harassment laws and assists in developing proactive strategies to minimize exposure to sexual harassment claims.

Sexual harassment lawsuits are on the rise.  Moreover, the EEOC continues to expand the scope of the law.  It is more critical than ever for employers to develop a proactive approach to managing sexual harassment issues.

Our practice is focused on preventing problems.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable concerning the state and federal laws governing sexual harassment.  We help our clients navigate the maze of sexual harassment laws that impact their business decisions and develop practical solutions that minimize legal risks.

Luchansky Law provides services that help Maryland employers to be proactive, including: training managers and supervisors; advising clients concerning policies and procedures; conducting compliance audits to proactively identify, assess, and correct non-compliant practices; conducting internal investigations; reviewing individual employment decisions; and updating and revising existing employment policies. 

When our clients are faced with sexual harassment lawsuits, administrative complaints or demand letters, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses and provide a cost-effective approach to achieving the best outcome.

Our firm also conducts management seminars and training sessions on preventing sexual harassment and effectively responding to complaints of such misconduct.  Each presentation is customized to the individual requirements of our clients.  We also prepare helpful materials which provide a practical resource for addressing sexual harassment problems and situations. 

Despite employers’ best efforts to avoid sexual harassment litigation, sometimes it is unavoidable.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in representing clients in sexual harassment litigation before federal and state courts and administrative agencies.

If your company’s sexual harassment policies are overdue for review, or you are currently involved in sexual harassment litigation, contact the experienced attorneys at Luchansky Law today.

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