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Have you been injured as a federal employee at work and want to know if you can make a claim?

Yes, you can apply for federal workers’ injury compensation under Maryland employment law. 

It is important to know that federal workers don’t receive benefits through workers’ compensation insurance or the state’s workers’ compensation program. Instead, the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) gives benefits to these employees. Harbor workers, railroad workers, black lung coal miners, and longshoremen are exempt from this category since they follow their own federal laws for employee compensation.

To find out if you’re eligible for federal workers’ injury compensation in Maryland, let’s dive right into the topic.

Understanding the Federal Employees Compensation Act

FECA provides injury compensation to federal employees who get hurt at work. Even off-site, given that their injury happened while performing employment duties. Apart from work-related injuries, it also covers any occupational diseases. A federal employee might develop occupational disease over time due to dangerous work conditions.

The federal workers’ injury compensation provided by FECA is administered by the United States Department of Labor. And this is done through the Office of Worker Compensation Programs.    

Are You Eligible for Federal Employees’ Injury Compensation in Maryland?

FECA provides work-related injury coverage to all federal government workers. No matter how many years they have served, what type of work they do, and which position they hold.

Also, you’ll be eligible for federal workers’ benefits only if you are employed by the federal government. Employment by a private government contractor is not covered. Private firm employees are covered by workers’ compensation laws of the state where the injury happened.

Furthermore, keep in mind that you must be injured while fulfilling your job duties. Or you must have developed a disease because of the hazardous working conditions of your job. This also includes any injuries that you may incur while traveling for work.

FECA clearly states that it doesn’t cover injuries or diseases related to any activity outside the “course and scope of your employment”. This may include commuting to and from work, activities driven by personal reasons, and any other recreational outings. Moreover, if you sustain an injury under the influence of non-prescription drugs or while intoxicated, you shouldn’t expect any compensation.

FECA also ensures benefits for the surviving family members of federal workers who die at work engaged in job duties.           

How Are Federal Workers Compensated for Work Injuries?

First of all, you will have to see if your FECA workers’ compensation claim is allowed. If it is, you can start receiving benefits to compensate for the injury you incurred or disease you developed. These benefits are aimed at assisting you with the recovery process. FECA promises to cover claim-related medical treatment, including prescriptions, rehabilitation, and surgery.

Some federal employees are temporarily disabled and unable to work due to an occupational disease or industrial injury. As a worker, you are also entitled to receive compensation for lost wages. You can get compensated for lost wages up to the first 45 days off work by your federal agency. In case you are unable to work even after 45 days, FECA will pay your lost salary.

Please note that if your federal workers’ injury compensation claim is based on occupational disease, you’ll have to wait for three days to be eligible for compensation from FECA.

If your injury or illness causes you to become partially or totally disabled permanently, you may get additional benefits from FECA. The amount of compensation you receive for work injuries depends on the severity of your permanent disability. It also depends on its impact on your future earning capability. Also, if you have family members who depend on you for a living, you can receive increased compensation.

Lastly, FECA also covers the cost of vocational retraining if you are required to undergo training to rejoin the workforce after recovery.  

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