The spread of the COVID-19 virus has thrown our daily lives out of balance. The regular rules of engagement for most situations have changed, especially when it comes to our work lives. Many people are confused about how organizations and employees are supposed to react to the pandemic and if any of this means that special rules for work are going to be put into place.

Today we’ll discuss some common questions regarding employee workplace safeguards during the pandemic. Our expert Maryland employment lawyers weigh in on what protections the law provides employees.

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Quarantine & Paid Time Off

Many employees are unsure whether they will be able to get paid time off if they catch the virus and are subjected to a quarantine. Some wonder if the work from home situation means they’ll be required to work even if quarantined or if they can take that time off. According to the Department of Labor says that employers are to provide employees with 2 weeks of paid off time incase they do catch the virus or are put under quarantine. They go on to say that if an employee is taking off time to take care of a family member who has the virus, then they may receive two weeks’ worth of paid time off, with two-thirds of their pay.

Sick Leaves and The Virus

Once the matter of leaves being given for contracting the virus or going under quarantine is settled, we look at where these leaves will be coming from. Employees may wonder if their employers can cut their quarantine days from their sick paid leaves. The short answer is no, employers can’t do that. The paid leaves for a quarantine fall under special circumstances and aren’t a part of regular sick leaves.

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Employer Retaliation

Every workplace isn’t the same. Some employers are specifically looking to cut out benefits and keep their business going at any cost. In those cases, you may come across an employer who isn’t willing to give you time off or insists on cutting your sick leaves. In that case, you are offered protection under the law.

If the situation does begin to escalate with your employer, you may even take legal action with the help of our labor attorney in Maryland. The labor and employment attorneys at Luchansky Law are well equipped for these issues and can put you in touch with the right job harassment lawyers for the job.

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