Towson, MD employment attorney Bruce Luchansky answers the question: “What should I do if I was fired from my job, but I have been offered a severance package?

You need to do 3 things when your former employer offers you a severance package:

(1) Consider whether you have any legal claims against the company, such as unpaid overtime or discrimination claims. Severance agreements always will require you to release all of your claims in exchange for the severance pay;

(2) Read the agreement carefully.  Employers often put in provisions that favor themselves and which the employee may not want to agree to, such as a covenant not-to-compete; and

(3) Consider trying to negotiate a better package. Employers sometimes will give you a modest increase in the offer just because you asked, but as long as the request is reasonable, they won’t pull their original offer off the table.

If you need assistance with these steps, call an experienced Maryland employment law attorney.