Maryland wage and hour claim attorney Bruce Luchansky answers the question: “Is there a law that governs the wages and hours in my workplace?”

There are several important laws that govern the wages and hours that an employer must pay to its employees. Nevertheless, these laws often are violated by employers.  For example, employers often claim that certain employees are exempt from receiving overtime pay when those employees actually are eligible to receive overtime pay.  In legal terms, that occurs when employers misclassify employees as “exempt” when they should be classified as “non-exempt.” Another common violation occurs when employers deduct a half hour or more for lunch, yet require the employees to work (or be available to work) during their lunch break.  If the employee works during lunch (or even is available to work), the employee must be paid for that time.  Employers who violate these wage and hour laws may be subject to claims for the unpaid wages in amounts of up to 2 or 3 times the unpaid wage, plus attorneys’ fees.  Employees should take the steps necessary to make sure they are receiving the full amount of wages that they earned.

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