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Employers want to avoid potential lawsuits from their employees. Maintaining written employment agreements with your employees is one way to do so. Written employment agreements spell out obligations and expectations for both the employee and employer, reducing the possibility of later employment law issues.

What should a Maryland employer put in an employment agreement?  Luchansky Law typically recommends the following items:

  1. Description of the position: with the title and list of the primary job duties.
  2. Compensation: stating the base pay, whether a position is hourly or salary, and any potential bonus structure.
  3. Health insurance, vacation time, disability leave, holiday pay and other employment benefits.
  4. Disciplinary procedures and grounds for termination of employment.

Depending on the nature of your business, you may want to include non-compete and non-disclosure clauses and “work for hire” provisions.  Each company will have different concerns, which is why Luchansky Law recommends carefully drafting these agreements.

If you have any questions about Maryland employment law in general, or would like for us to review your current employment agreements, please contact Luchansky Law.