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Unemployment Appeals

Maryland unemployment insurance laws are unique in that the administrative agency – rather than the Court – determines the interpretation and application of most of the laws governing unemployment appeals.

Although the decisions rendered by the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) are appealable to the Courts of Maryland,  unemployment insurance cases must first be litigated before the administrative agency.

The attorneys at Luchansky Law frequently provide representation for clients in Maryland unemployment appeals before the administration and the Courts.  The laws governing Maryland unemployment appeals are complex.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable concerning all laws relating to Maryland unemployment appeals. 

Most Maryland employers are not aware of the legal nuances governing unemployment appeals.  Luchansky Law provides counsel to Maryland employers in complying with Maryland unemployment laws and assists in developing proactive strategies to minimize exposure to Maryland unemployment claims.

Our practice is focused on preventing problems.  We help our clients navigate the maze of Maryland unemployment laws that impact their business decisions and develop practical solutions that minimize legal risks.

When our client is faced with a Maryland unemployment appeal, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the case and provide a cost-effective approach to achieving the best outcome for our client.

If your company’s Maryland unemployment policies are in need of review, or you are currently involved in Maryland unemployment appeal litigation, contact the experienced attorneys at Luchansky Law today.