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Are there different types of employment contracts and agreements?  If so, what are they?

 Yes there are different types of employment agreements between employers and individual employees in Maryland.  An employment contract could be written, oral, or implied.  Within these there categories, there are four types of agreements.


1. At-Will Employment Contracts

Where these agreements exist, an employee can quit or be fired at any time for any reason as long as it is not illegal.   Illegal reasons include, discrimination of a protected class.  New hires receive a contract or agreement stating the position, duties, salary/wage and hours. Both employee and employer sign the agreement and while the employee can be fired for any reason, the agreement between them is still enforceable. 

2. Written Employment  Contracts

This contract and agreement are typically more detailed.  There are specific obligations for both employee and employer to follow.  There might be a set length of time for the contract and the terms of termination are detailed in the contract.  An employee cannot be let go unless they are in violation of the terms specified in the agreement.

3. Oral Employment contracts

Agreements spoken verbally and not written down are oral contracts. They can be a combination of written and oral statements as well. These agreements are legal and binding, however they are also very difficult to prove. Finding supporting documentation is critical to winning your case.

4. Implied Oral Contracts

These are not formally documented agreements.  They can be a combination of oral and written statements. Issues typically show up after an employee is fired and there was an understanding of terms of termination that was not followed and the employer is relying on an At-Will arrangement. 

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