Federal Employees & Contractors

Luchansky Law protects the rights of federal employees and contractors.

Employee Agreements

Have you signed agreements that your employer has provided? Have these reviewed by our legal team with over 35 years of experience.

Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Know your rights as an employee protected by the Family Medical Leave Act.

Harassment Claims

Workplace harassment and retaliation is too common but doesn't have to be tolerated or ignored. Call Luchansky Law today.

Short Wages & Overtime

Employees deserve to be paid for the hours they work. A serious claim can be made against an employer who takes advantage of employees willingness to work overtime.

Unemployment Appeals

The Maryland unemployment office can be difficult to deal with and when things don't go in your favor, you need an experienced attorney who can turn things around. Call Luchansky Law today.

Wrongful Termination

If you were fired from your job and it was not done correctly or it was against the law, call Luchansky Law to review your options today.