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As advisors to Maryland business owners and managers, we have seen many legal problems avoided in the workplace by a well-drafted employee handbook. 

There is no legal obligation for employers to issue their employees a handbook but, westrongly recommend it for several important reasons:

  • First, employee handbooks explain company policies and procedures.   
  • Second, employee handbooks communicate employer expectations.   
  • Third, all employees receive fair and equal treatment when employee handbook policies are implemented.
  • Finally, employee handbooks can be crucial if an employer needs to defend against legal claims by past employees alleging wrongful termination.    

When an employee handbook is properly prepared, it benefits both the employer and the employees, enhancing employee morale and minimizing the risk of employment related litigation. 

But if employment policies are poorly drafted or if an employer implements a generic “form” manual, those policies can not only frustrate employees, but they can actually serve to increase the employer’s exposure to litigation.

We advise spending time choosing your policies and writing your manual, and reviewing it with your legal counsel to ensure that your goals are achieved and that your policies are in compliance with both Maryland and Federal law.   If you have any questions or would like assistance in drafting or reviewing your employee handbook, please contact the Maryland employment lawyers at Luchansky Law.