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The team at Luchansky Law is comprised of dedicated advocates who understand the challenges that employers and employees face when a workplace dispute arises. Our Mount Airy, MD employment law attorneys realize that employment law is complex and that the process of sorting out those rights can be intimidating for employees and confusing for employers.

For Mount Airy, Maryland Employees:

  • Failure to Pay Wages or Overtime Pay
  • Unemployment Insurance Appeals
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Harassment/Discrimination Retaliation Claims
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Other Leave-Related Claims
  • Review of Employment Agreements, Non-compete Agreements, Severance Agreements and other Employment Documents

From Our Maryland Employment Law Attorney FAQ Database

“Is my employer required to allow me to take a break for meals or rest during my workday?” 

Surprisingly, the answer in Maryland (in most cases) is no.  Although there are certain exceptions (such as in retail establishments that employ 50 or more employees), most employers are not required to provide their employees with a lunch break or rest period during the work day.  But if an employer does give you a break during the day, he must pay you for that time unless the break is longer than 20 minutes and you are relieved of all your duties during that time.

Maryland Employment Law FAQs

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Employment Separation Agreements in Maryland

Employers or employees who have any additional questions about separation agreements, releases, or any other issues that might arise in the workplace are welcome to contact Maryland workplace attorney Bruce Luchansky