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Meet our Frederick County Employment Lawyers

Frederick, MD Employment Lawyer Bruce Luchansky:

In more than 25 years of practicing law, Mr. Luchansky has helped hundreds of clients solve their employment law disputes, protecting employees’ rights and providing employment guidance and employment litigation services.

Frederick, MD Employment Attorney Judd Millman:

Maryland employment attorney Judd G. Millman represents both plaintiffs and defendants in State and federal court, as well as administrative hearings, handling all aspects of labor and employment law.

Frederick, Maryland Employee Rights Attorneys:

We assist clients with: FMLA retaliation, unpaid wages, overtime claims, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, retaliation, biased employment contracts and various other unlawful acts employers often engage in may serve to cheat hardworking employees out of thousands of dollars’ worth of income, benefits and bonuses that they are otherwise rightfully entitled to receive.

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