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Our Howard County MD Employment Law Legal Services:

  • Fight wrongful termination claims
  • Fight denial of pay, commission, overtime, or other employee benefits
  • Fight denial of family leave (FMLA) benefits
  • Fight denial of unemployment compensation claims
  • Review employment contracts
  • Review severance or release agreements
  • Review other workplace agreements

Common Maryland Employment Law Issue: Overtime Violations in Howard County

It’s not uncommon for employers in Maryland, including Howard County, to violate the laws relating to overtime. Employment lawyer Bruce Luchansky tackles some of the common questions employees have in our FAQ database:

Proving Overtime Calculation in Maryland

“It is the employer’s obligation to keep track of an employee’s hours worked, not the employee’s.  All employers must implement a system for keeping track of those hours, which may be a time sheet, a time clock, or any other method of accurately recording the hours worked…” (read more)

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