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martindale_hubbellThe employment law attorneys at Luchansky Law are dedicated to helping employees and employers throughout the State of Maryland protect their rights. Call our Hagerstown, MD employment law attorneys today!


Information for Employees by our Hagerstown, MD Employment Law Attorneys

 Our Maryland employment attorneys can help with: FMLA retaliation, unpaid wages, overtime claims, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, retaliation, biased employment contracts and various other unlawful acts employers often engage in may serve to cheat hardworking employees out of thousands of dollars’ worth of income, benefits and bonuses that they are otherwise rightfully entitled to receive. View more from our Employment Law Attorneys in Maryland

Information for Employers by our Hagerstown, MD Employment Lawyers

 While various federal and Maryland employment laws are intended to protect the rights of employees, they also have given rise to a cottage industry of “nuisance law suits” by employees with a grudge or other desire to take advantage of their employer. Luchansky Law can protect your rights and position you for a strong legal defense. View all of our legal services for Maryland Employers

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