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For Maryland Employees in Baltimore County:

As Baltimore County employment attorneys, we work to protect the rights and careers of employees who are victims of various illegal employment practices by their employers. Some of these practices include sexual harassment, wrongful termination, overtime violations, pregnancy discrimination, race discrimination, and more. Learn more about how our Baltimore County employment law attorneys can help employees in Maryland.

For Maryland Employees in Baltimore County:

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Maryland Wage & Hour Violations:

A common issue for employees in Baltimore County are wage and hour violations. Maryland employment law attorney Bruce Luchansky tackles some of the frequently asked Maryland wage and hour violation questions in our FAQ database:

Q. Is there a law that governs the wages and hours in my workplace?

A. There are several important laws that govern the wages and hours that an employer must pay to its employees. Nevertheless, these laws often are violated by employers.  For example, employers often claim that certain employees are exempt from receiving overtime pay when those employees actually are eligible to receive overtime pay.

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