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Easton, MD Employment Law Attorney FAQ Database

“I am physically disabled, and I am looking for a job.  Can an employer deny me employment based on my disability?”

Not if you can do the job, even if you need the employer to provide you with a reasonable accommodation in order to perform that job.  The laws are complicated – for example, there are federal, State, and local laws, and in most cases, they apply only to employers who have 15 or more employees.  Therefore, consulting with a Maryland employment lawyer about the details of your situation is important.  But if you can perform the essential duties of the position you are applying for, you should not be rejected on account of your disability.

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How Our Easton, Maryland Employment Law Attorneys Can Help:

For Maryland Employees:

  • Harassment/Discrimination Retaliation Claims
  • Sexual Harassment Claims
  • Discrimination Claims
  • Unemployment Insurance Appeals
  • Failure to Pay Wages or Overtime Pay
  • Wrongful Termination Claims                 
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and Other Leave-Related Claims

For Maryland Employers:

Our Easton, MD employment law attorneys offers several services to assist employers to ensure employment law compliance and minimize claims by employees, including:

  • Supervisor Training
  • Guidance for Compliance with Employment Laws
  • Drafting and/or Review of Employment-Related Contracts,
  • Drafting and/or Revising of Employee Handbooks
  • Assistance with Developing Effective Employment Policies