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Luchansky Law is dedicated to resolving workplace disputes of all types, representing both employers and employees. Our Annapolis, MD employment law attorneys have broad experience and a unique perspective. And we know the way to win.

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Lead Annapolis, Maryland employment attorney Bruce M. Luchansky has practiced law for over a quarter-century, fighting for employer and employee rights and representing clients in a full range of employment law matters throughout most of his career.

Our Anne Arundel County attorneys can help employees with: FMLA retaliation, unpaid wages, overtime claims, wrongful termination, unlawful discrimination, retaliation, biased employment contracts and various other unlawful acts employers often engage in may serve to cheat hardworking employees out of thousands of dollars’ worth of income, benefits and bonuses that they are otherwise rightfully entitled to receive.

Our Maryland employment law attorneys also assist employers stay in compliance with the law and defend against unwarranted lawsuits.

From Our Annapolis, Maryland Workers’ Rights Blog:

How Long Do I Have to File an Overtime Pay Claim in Maryland?

“Maryland employees generally have two years to file a claim for unpaid overtime wages against their employer or former employer. That period can be extended to three years if the employee can prove that the employer’s failure to pay overtime was ‘willful.'”

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