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Wrongful Termination Defense

There are numerous state and federal laws that are implicated when an employee is terminated.  The experienced  employment law attorneys at Luchansky Law are thoroughly familiar with all of these laws.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in counseling Maryland employers regarding compliance, as well as a proven track record for successful representation in litigation.

The laws governing wrongful termination continue to evolve and expand, as wrongful termination lawsuits constitute a substantial percentage of employment litigation cases.  Our attorneys closely monitor changes in the law in order to provide regular, prompt and practical guidance and advice to our clients.  We believe that employers should be permitted to focus on what they do best: which is to operate their companies.  At Luchansky Law, our clients do not have to worry about whether they are compliant with the employment laws that regulate their businesses because we are here to provide them with that guidance.   We perform employment law audits to ensure our clients are compliant with the latest employment laws, we provide regular employment law updates, and we always are available to answer time sensitive questions that arise in the workplace.

Our practice is focused on preventing problems.  We help our clients navigate the maze of wrongful termination laws that impact their business decisions and develop practical solutions that minimize legal risks.

When our client is faced with a wrongful termination lawsuit, administrative complaint, or demand letter, we analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the case and provide a cost-effective approach to achieving the best outcome for our client.

Employer Defenses Against Wrongful Termination Claims

One of the best ways to defend against these types of claims is to prevent them before they ever occur. As an employer, you can ward off the possibility of a wrongful termination case by observing the following:

  • Have policies and procedures in place: You should have clear and concise policies in place within an employee handbook. Policies should address discipline and dismissal of at-will employees.
  • Train managers and supervisors: Be sure your managers and supervisors are trained to carry out your written disciplinary procedures, including documenting any and all disciplinary action taken against an employee.
  • Create a paper trail: Thorough documentation of any employee violations could help to avoid a lawsuit. Keep a record of any disciplinary action against an employee and a written record of performance issues. Ensure all employees are subject to your uniform and consistent standards.

If your company is need of an employment law audit, or you are currently involved in wrongful termination litigation, contact the experienced attorneys at Luchansky Law today.   

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